Accessibility app project wins first prize in Turkish Informatics Stars Competition

Accessibility Button on Computer Keyboard

Four graduates of the Computer and Information Systems Engineering Departments of Atılım University recently won the first prize at the 9th Informatics Stars Competition, one of Turkey’s most successful national informatics competitions. Under the leadership of Assoc. Prof.Dr. Meltem Eryılmaz, who is also a member of the CEPIS expert group on digital skills, Eylül Uçan, Gizem Turan, Ecem Balkaya and Seden Gülay Oral developed a mobile application translating sign language into text in different languages ​​with Artificial Intelligence as their graduation project. 

The application was a result of a study that aimed to enable hard-of-hearing people to communicate with other individuals, irrespective of whether they know sign language. The mobile application was developed for video classification by using MediaPipe Library in the study. While doing this, considering the problems that hard-of-hearing individuals face in Turkey and abroad, modeling and training stages were carried out with the English language option. With the real-time translation feature added to the study, individuals were provided with instant communication. In this way, communication problems experienced by hearing-impaired individuals will be greatly reduced. Machine learning and Deep learning concepts were also investigated in the study. Model creation and training stages were carried out using VGG16, OpenCV, Pandas, Keras, and Os libraries.


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