Be a Game Changer for diversity: apply for the DiversIT Charter

Let’s celebrate the International Women’s Day by participating in an initiative that can really change the life of women in STEM positions. Apply for the DiversIT Charter!

By participating, your company or organisation will show your commitment to follow the Global Sustainability Goals (SDG 5). Furthermore, it is an excellent platform to exchange best practice among the participants and gain recognition of your efforts on a European level.

The DiversIT Charter is a roadmap and structured programme of activities that organisations can take to establish a supporting environment for women in IT professions. The actions are in three main stages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) with themes of activity at each stage. Participants commit to engage with the charter and undertake the activities which will progressively allow their organisations to build support for women working in technology roles. Find out more about the DiversIT Charter and how to apply here.


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