CEPIS DiversIT team talks to companies: 3Squared Ltd.

What initiatives are you using to bring diversity into your technical teams?

CEPIS DiversIT team talks to companies: 3Squared Ltd.

“We recognise the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce, such as increased staff engagement and improved problem solving due to having a clearer understanding and representation of our user bases. We use special text in our job advertisements to make sure that applicants know that they don’t have to meet every single item of our requirements, and we explain that we will happily take applications from people who wouldn’t be able to work normal office hours, as we know that many women (and men) might have caring commitments. We put all of our job adverts through a language checker to ensure that it isn’t
biased towards one gender or another. We also make sure that any identifying information is removed from the CVs before our managers see them, that way, any effect of personal biases is eliminated.”

Cherry Limb, HR Manager


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