CEPIS DiversIT team talks to companies: Gruppo Hera

How are you working to retain the diverse teams that you have already built?

CEPIS DiversIT team talks to companies: Gruppo Hera

“Continuous improvement and innovation are part of the founding principles of Hera in technological, organizational, management and process applications. This is one of the reasons why Hera is investing heavily to maintain diversity within its technical teams, that are integral part of the company’s core business.

Hera’s commitment to diversity and inclusion protection policies has started long ago and was consolidated in 2009 with the signing of the Charter for equal opportunities and equality at work. The introduction of the Diversity Manager in 2011 was fundamental, with the aim of further encouraging the development processes of inclusion and enhancement of diversity policies. Furthermore, our company continues to focus on the development of internal and personalized career paths. This approach, in fact, allowed Hera to reach in 2019 a percentage of women in positions of responsibility equal to 29%. To see, to recognize, to value. These are the founding principles of Diversity and Inclusion in Hera. By “to see” we mean our way of looking at reality without stereotypes, knowing that they belong to our culture. We therefore use listening to better see reality, always remaining curious and attentive. “To recognize”. The company recognizes the point of view and the value of people, their peculiarity, characteristics and welcomes the differences in colleague’s way of think and behave.

Lastly, our company eliminates the difficulties that an under-represented group may encounter, enhancing its distinctive features, communicating in a way accessible to all and creating the conditions for everyone to have the same opportunities and feel at ease.”

Valentina Davani, Head of Business Relationship Management of Hera Information Systems


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