CEPIS DiversIT team talks to companies: Vodafone Turkey

How do you think having a diverse team will benefit your business as we all adapt to the ‘new normal’?

CEPIS DiversIT team talks to companies: Vodafone Turkey

“At Vodafone Turkey, we believe that the presence of diversity and the practice of inclusion allow us to look at the problems in a different way. In business, the most valuable thing is to have a fresh and different perspective to create solutions which can be adopted by anyone. This is why diversity matters the most. Diversity is a source of inspiration for all initiatives, from innovation to technology. It guides our acts, and sheds light on our decisions. Being aware of different needs and situations of employees is the most critical thing for companies. In the new normal, too, we hear and support varying needs, expectations and home situations, creating space for everyone to be heard, get supported and face with this situation as a community. Inclusive leadership perspective also helps us create a deeper sense of belonging and alignment on our purpose.”

Bülent Bayram, HR Director


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