CEPIS gives interview for EDSC feasibility study

On 22 March, the President of CEPIS Luis Fernandez-Sanz and Secretary General Jakub Christoph gave an in-depth interview within the scope of the European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC) feasibility study. They presented the views and position of national informatics associations on the topic of a European-wide digital skills certificate as a recognition system for the existing certification programmes. 

screenshot of a videoconference

Luis Fernandez-Sanz, CEPIS President, said: “We are proud of collaborating with this project to progress towards a clearer scenario on the digital skills certification for the good of EU society and citizens, expressing the opinion of the IT professionals and of our Member Societies.” 

The interview was conducted by Giacomo Bulian and Serena Vivarelli from NTT DATA, which, together with ALL DIGITAL and empirica, is in charge of the EDSC study project.  

The EDSC feasibility study is now conducting its final survey. It aims to get an overview on various aspects of the EDSC – potential demand, anticipated values and advantages, and others. The survey is open until 7 April 2023. In order to participate, please use this link


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