Data skills most important for next 2-3 years, report finds

Growth Tribe, a skills training organisation, has recently published a report “Skills of Tomorrow”. The report is based on a survey of more than 1,500 marketing and data professionals and 25 business leaders from leading European companies. Its aim was to measure current skills and capabilities to discover the current situation and deduce the skills needs of the immediate future.

Data skills most important for next 2-3 years, report finds

The “Skills of Tomorrow” report focuses on European professionals working in Data and Marketing, two of most in-demand professions of the future. It found that digital skills gap is still the top challenge for companies when it comes to talent. When asked about the most important skills in the next two to three years, 44% of respondents named data skills as the main necessity.

The survey differentiated between ‘talkers’ and ‘doers’ by measuring the skills and capabilities of respondents. The results showed that companies that actively use machine learning and analytics capabilities and have a clear data strategy perform better overall.


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