Day of Hungarian Informatics held on 18 January

On 18 January 2024, the John von Neumann Society (NJSzT), CEPIS member society from Hungary, held its traditional “Day of Hungarian Informatics” conference. The conference generated a lot of interest, and was sponsored by 4iG, one of the key players in Hungary’s ICT market. 4iG has been present in Hungary for almost three decades in the field of innovative technologies and has a strong track record in all segments of digital solutions. 

The day commemorates the birth of the first Hungarian electronic computer, the one-room-sized M-3, announced 65 years ago on 21 January 1959. It is considered the birthday of Hungarian computing. Among the conference audience were development engineers and mathematicians who were involved in the development of the M-3. 

The themes of the conference covered a range of fresh, contemporary topics from supercomputers to machine vision and talent management. The speakers were both John von Neumann Society 2023 laureates and representatives from various scientific departments. 

NJSzT plans to continue this tradition next year. 


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