ECSO publishes report on simulation-based competence development in cybersecurity

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), has recently published a report containing analysis of simulation-based competence development around cybersecurity in Europe, based on responses of a survey conducted last year by ECSO and the Cybersecurity Competence Network. The main purpose of the survey was to assess how organisations in Europe currently address competence development through simulations, exercises etc., to understand how to improve the cyber resilience of European organisations and companies.

Among other topics, the report examines the hiring of cybersecurity professionals, budgets allocated to cybersecurity, the level of cybersecurity skills that companies demand from their employees, and how much companies are prepared to pay for a cybersecurity training.

While the small scale of the survey prevents from stating any concrete conclusions, it is nevertheless a valuable insight into organisations’ mindsets and current attitudes and practices related to cybersecurity.


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