Empirica releases final report on upskilling and reskilling in the post-covid era

Connected Europe

Empirica has released the report ‘Upskilling and reskilling in the post-covid era : fostering new services and jobs creation: three scenarios for 2030’, which was commissioned by DG GROW. It presents three different scenarios for achieving an adequately skilled workforce in Europe by 2030, and the recommendations are meant to serve as a basis to develop concrete action plans.  

The first scenario – the Vision – counts on high GDP growth and a quick recovery from the pandemic’s impact on European economies. The second – the Middle Ground – sees a moderate GDP growth, stating that more limited funding will mean a bias towards larger companies. The third scenario – Muddling Through – will mean that very little room is left for the necessary up- and re-skilling activities.  

Read the full report on empirica’s website.  


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