Engage in CEPIS campaign for secure communications

stock image of a lock over computer

Upon initiative of the CEPIS Legal and Security Issues (LSI) expert group, CEPIS recently began a campaign against plans to monitor all communications content in order to facilitate the investigation of crime that the European Commission has been considering.   

CEPIS has published an open letter calling on the European legislative bodies not to undermine the right to a strong and effective encryption for all EU citizens, companies and institutions. 

So far the open letter has been signed by over 30 organisations across Europe, on European, national and local levels, among them the CEPIS Member Societies from Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden and Slovenia. If your society has not signed it yet, we strongly urge you to add your voice to the campaign. Please also share the information about this campaign with your networks. 

Find out more about the campaign 


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