eSkills Malta publishes report on gender gap in the digital sector in Malta

eSkills Malta Foundation has released a report “The Analysis of the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector in Malta”. The report is based on a study carried out by Ascend Consulting. The study shows that the local ICT sector has made efforts to increase the number of women in their organisations, whereas the public sector is lagging behind in its efforts to build a more diverse environment. Another significant value of the study is that it provides valuable insights as it exposes the way decision-makers in organisations think, what they know and what they believe, thus enabling the identification of bias and other factors that should be addressed if the gender diversity in the digital sector is to be increased.

The study follows a previous a project undertaken by the eSkills Malta Foundation: to issue Guidelines to Increase and Retain Women in ICT. The eSkills Malta Foundation will use both the guidelines and the new report to promote the inclusion of diversity in future strategy, policy and operations by all organisations in Malta.


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