Have your say: CoE consultation on AI legal framework

Have your say: CoE consultation on AI legal framework

The Council of Europe Ad-hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) has launched a public consultation on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The consultation aims to help the CAHAI to make informed choices based on the feedback of this consultation. The elements will cover issues such as the values and principles on which the design, development and application of AI should be based, which aspects need more safeguards, and what policies need to be adopted for AI systems to conform to the Council of Europe’s values.

The consultation is meant for organisations (governments, public administrations, international organisations, businesses, civil society organisation, academia and the technical community), not individual experts or citizens. The consultation is open until 29 April 2021.

Before responding, the Council of Europe invites you to read this study. It underlines the importance of upcoming legal framework consisting of a combination of binding and non-binding legal instruments that complement each other.


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