IAT Holds Symposium on Health and Informatics in Türkiye

The Informatics Association of Turkiye (IAT; in Tukish – TBD), held the 4th TBD Health and Informatics Symposium on 2 June in Eskişehir Province. The theme of the symposium, which brought together more than 200 health and informatics experts, was a ‘Natural Disaster Resistant Health System’.

During the event, participants heard from panels on digital transformation projects in health against natural disasters, social responsibility projects in health, and future technologies in the health sector.

Speaking at the opening of the symposium, Ali Yazıcı, Vice General President of TBD, said, “Digital transformation in health makes healthcare services more accessible, [increases] quality and also more resource-efficient. By 2026, personalized medicine, big data and artificial intelligence are aimed at saving $150 billion annually in health services. The size of the global digital health technology market is estimated to reach $505 billion by 2025. This symposium, organized by TBD, was held with the aim of bringing up the administrative and technical problems arising in the digital transformation and smart health applications in the industry, accelerating the process of finding solutions and informing decision-makers.”


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