IAT Leads Preparation for Turkiye’s 3rd Informatics Summit

The first workshop of preparations for Turkiye’s 3rd Informatics Summit, where macro-level goals and policy recommendations for 2030 and beyond will be presented under the vision of “Turkiye as a Technology Producer in the Digital Century,” was held between February 26 and March 13, 2024. Preparations for the Summit, which is scheduled for November 2024, are being conducted by working groups formed in six categories by non-governmental organizations under the leadership of the Informatics Association of Turkiye (IAT). These groups include the TOBB Turkiye Software Council, Informatics Industrialists Association, Turkiye Informatics Foundation, Software Industrialists Association, and Information Security Association. The organization of the Summit and coordination with public administrations are being provided by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye Digital Transformation Office. In previous periods, in 2002 and 2004, the 1st and 2nd Information Summits of Turkiye were held under the vision of “Towards the Information Society.” The resulting collective intelligence and Summit outputs have guided Turkiye’s efforts in this field. 


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