ICS expert group holds event on Frontline Pharmacy Informatics

On 25 January 2024, the Irish Computer Society’s expert group on Health Informatics (HISI) and the University of Galway co-hosted a Symposium on Frontline Pharmacy Informatics. The event covered both recent and established digital tools to support healthcare professionals in their clinical practice. Held in the impressive Aula Maxima in the Quadrangle, University of Galway, it proved to be an exceptional showcase of pharmacy services that add value, safety, and effectiveness to patient care. 

The event was very well attended, both by ICS/HISI members and the pharmacy community across Ireland, with 100 leading experts, clinical professionals, and innovators in attendance. The topics covered included implementation experiences of the Hospital Medicines Management System and the National Cancer Information System, digital tools to improve medications safety and use of high alert medications, PCRS data analytics, CHI paediatric formulary app, Electronic Prescribing experience, and the use of barcode scanning and traceability standards to track vaccines for improved medication safety. 


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