Information Ecosystem Resilience in the Centre of 40th IAT Congress

The 40th IAT National IT Congress, which has been organised by the Informatics Association of Türkiye (IAT) since 1976, was held on 21 and 22 December 2023, at the Information Technologies and Communications Society with the main theme of “Information Ecosystem Resistant to Natural Disasters”. 

The aim of the congress is to contribute to the digital transformation of Türkiye, which is carried out in a way that is resistant to natural disasters, to raise awareness of the expansion of the digital economy by increasing the level of digital maturity of public institutions, to contribute to the training of qualified human resources, prevent brain drain, increase cyber resilience at the national level, develop indigenous and innovative technologies with high added value, prepare society for the digital future by raising awareness of digital citizenship, and create people-centered policies and strategies for the future. 

To achieve this goal, the event included a total of six panels and four keynote speeches by expert speakers from home and abroad. They focused on the topic “Information Ecosystem Resistant to Natural Disasters” examining the dimensions of people, process, society and technology, and a common mind was created to shed light on the decision makers of Turkiye. 


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