Italy launches national digital skills coalition

Italy launches national digital skills coalition

Italy has recently joined those European countries that have developed their national digital skills coalitions. The Repubblica Digitale initiative, on which the Coalition is based, was proposed at the end of 2019, to gather public and private endeavours aiming at the development of digital skills in Italy. There are already more than 100 partners in the Coalition, including several ministries as well as other institutions, companies and NGOs.

AICA, the CEPIS Member Society in Italy, participates in the Coalition with pledges to promote ICDL Workforce and ICDL Professional modules to Italian citizens who care for their own competences and effectiveness in using digital tools and technologies at work. Paolo Schgör, AICA’s Director and a CEPIS Board member, was appointed as one of the two representatives of citizens’ associations in the Italian Coalition. In this role, his first contribution to the work was to present CEPIS’s position paper on digital skills policies to the national policymakers.

More details regarding Repubblica Digitale can be found (in Italian) on the official website of the initiative.


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