Join conference on the future of data protection

The Irish Computer Society (ICS) will co-host the 13th Annual Conference of the Irish Association of Data Protection Officers (ADPO) on 12 October 2022.   

National and international experts from the academic and legal sectors will join to discuss data breach reporting, current technical and organisational measures, the EU Data Strategy and more. The programme will include speaker presentations and panel discussions, as well as great networking opportunities for attendees at the Liberty Hall in Dublin, Ireland.  

If you are a CEPIS Member, you can join this day of learning and debate with the promo code ‘CEPIS15’ for a 15% discount. Contact us directly at to make this booking.    
You can find out more about the event here

13th national annual data protection conference, 12 october 2022, Liberty hall, Dublin, in partnership with the Irish Computer Society.


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