New Commission strategy promotes leadership role of EU standards

On 2 February, the European Commission presented a new Standardisation Strategy outlining its approach to standards within the Single Market as well as globally. Particular attention will be paid to the green and digital standards, including AI, data protection, and other standards that would strengthen the EU’s technological sovereignty. In the context of this strategy, the Commission also supports the work of Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT in their identification work for standardisation needs via the Rolling Plan for ICT standardisation.  

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The strategy proposes five key sets of actions: 1) To anticipate, prioritise and address standardisation needs in strategic areas, 2) improve the governance and integrity of the European standardisation system, 3) enhance European leadership in global standards, 4) support innovation and 5) enable the next generation of standardisation experts.  

Read more on the Commission’s website.  


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