NJSzT for European Cybersecurity Month: Confidently and safely

More than 10 years ago, the Electronic Authenticity, Electronic Signature module from Hungary was endorsed by ICDL Foundation and became part of the ICDL offering in Hungary. In September 2023, the John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSzT), with the professional support of the Hungarian Electronic Signature Association (MELASZ) and Időérték Ltd, created a significantly updated textbook adapted to technological innovations, and is available as a free download for those interested in the topic.  

The textbook contains all the theoretical and practical information that those wishing to take the Electronic authenticity and electronic signature module can prepare for a successful exam. When learning the knowledge material of the module – due to the nature of electronic authenticity – it is an advantage to have basic computer knowledge (internet use, correspondence, word processing, spreadsheet management, etc.), since the course material assumes knowledge of these and supplements them with the elements of electronic authenticity. The latest volume, written by Dr. Máté Péter Erdősi, already contains information about the ID Digital what is an important EU initiation. 

In parallel, the team issued the updated edition of the IT Security Textbook, local implementation of ICDL IT Security syllabus reflecting all new things happened in the last 2 years since previous update underlining in this volume why this knowledge is increasingly needed nowadays. 

These announcements, including books debut presentations and the IT security meetup, were organised by NJSzT as part of European Cybersecurity Month activities in Hungary. 

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