NJSzT organises online meetups to maintain member engagement

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The John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSzT), the CEPIS Member from Hungary, has started a series of online meetups to keep its members engaged and to address interested people from the IT community, in the pandemic times and in the age of transformation.

The topics of these interactive discussions aim to cover the topical aspects of information technology and its effect on society. A few examples were: 

  • Artificial intelligence: based on the best seller book of NASA consultant Mr. George Tilesch  ”Between Brains: Taking Back our AI Future”.  
  • Gamification: 3 experts covered the topics from the education to the customer behavior  
  • IT in the sports: reflecting the Olympic Games, 3 experts explained the various aspects of sport economics, role of the analysis and statistics in the team sports and tools that help the amateurs’ sport. 

These meetups are much more informal than lectures: the audience can join in, debate and ask questions. This is why these meetup series is quite popular and will be continued in the future. 


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