NJSzT publishes von Neumann quotes album

The John von Neumann Computer Society (Hungarian member of CEPIS – NJSZT) , as part of the event series on occasion of 120th anniversary of its eponym – published a high-quality bilingual Hungarian-English book, which they would like to offer to the attention of their fellow CEPIS members. 

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John von Neumann was described by his contemporaries as the cleverest man they ever knew, a man of mental capabilities that surpassed even Einstein’s. Described as the scientific genius who pioneered the modern computer, game theory, nuclear deterrence, and more, John von Neumann illuminated the fields of pure and applied mathematics, computer science, physics, and economics. This book includes a complete biography of von Neumann and his thoughts not only on the science but also other topics, such as religion, the human character, climate change, and others, also showing his sharp sense of humour. 

The Managing Director of NJSzT, Imre Szalay, said: “As we firmly believe that Neumann’s ideas are still relevant today, this album is a must-have for everyone, regardless of generation.” 

If you interested in getting this publication, please contact the Hungarian Computer Society at titkarsag@njszt.hu


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