“No magic wand to fix the gender gap”, says European Parliament study

“No magic wand to fix the gender gap”, says European Parliament study

A study from the European Parliament reveals that gender bias and inequality in STEM professions are still very present (view study on the European Parliament’s website). For example, the gender gap concerning Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity is the largest among all digital technology domains; the average percentages of women working in AI and cybersecurity, worldwide, are 12% and 20%, respectively. The study also points out how not all currently popular initiatives are guaranteed to bring positive results.  

This comprehensive study, titled “Education and employment of women in STEM, including AI and its influence on gender equality”, provides an up-to-date review on the current status of women’s representation in STEM fields and the digital sector. It examines a broad range of phenomena, from opportunities for initiating and sustaining girls’ interest in STEM subjects to why fewer women select cybersecurity for employment.

Finally, the study provides a multi-level set of policy recommendations, stressing the need for stakeholder interaction on EU level, emphasising the need to establish and maintain enabling education and work environments and suggesting development and assessment of participatory scenarios for operationalizing stakeholder joint action in combating gender inequality in STEM, ICT, and Computer Science.


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