The Commission publishes the European Digital Strategy, a strategy for data and a paper on AI

The European Commission has published the European Digital Strategy as well as the European strategy for data on 19 February.

For the next five years, the Commission will focus on three key objectives to support its vision towards a digital transformation that works for the benefit of all European citizens: 1) ‘Technology that works for people’, 2) ‘A fair and competitive digital economy’ and 3) ‘An open, democratic and sustainable digital society’.

The strategy for data mainly consists of initiatives for common European data spaces in various strategic sectors. This includes the ‘Common European skills data space’, which will support Member States in the development of digital credential transformation plans and in the preparation of re-usable datasets of qualifications and learning opportunities (2020-2022).

Simultaneously, the Commission also released the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, which outlines an approach for leveraging AI technology, and includes a focus on skills to fill competence shortages. The paper mentions that the Commission will soon present a reinforcement of the Skills Agenda, which aims to “ensure that everyone in Europe can benefit from the green and digital transformations of the EU economy.” See the full paper on the Commission’s website.


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