TrainDL: Introducing AI and Data Literacy in Schools

As students interact with data and AI technologies every day, they should learn how to both critically evaluate and effectively use them. But how can teachers convey competencies in these complex and constantly-changing fields? 

children looking at computers

TrainDL is a European education policy project funded by the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the German Informatics Society, with partners in Germany, Lithuania and Austria. Its central goal is to embed educational concepts for data literacy and AI competencies into teacher training. 

The current publication “Introducing Artificial Intelligence Literacy in Schools: A Review of Competence Areas, Pedagogical Approaches, Contexts and Formats” provides an overview of existing concepts and gaps, where new approaches must be developed to introduce AI into the classroom. 

For more insights into the project, register here for the upcoming TrainDL WebTalk ‘Policy Experimentation – Innovation in and for Digital Education’ on 19 April. 


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