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CEPIS is organising a Zoom webinar about the DiversIT Charter, aimed specifically at CEPIS Member Societies. It will address practical issues, such as:

  • The DiversIT Charter and what is its main purpose
  • Role of the CEPIS Member Societies in the Charter structure
  • Benefits for the CEPIS Member Societies
  • Application and assessment process
  • Benefits for members of your Society

The DiversIT Charter team will also give guidance on how you can build a strong network in your country. The webinar will also highlight the case studies of the Icelandic Computer Society (achieved Gold status) and the Turkish Computer Society (achieved Bronze status).

We want to make it as relevant as possible for you. Therefore, we encourage you to share any questions you would like answered in the webinar with us by sending them to info@cepis.org

The webinar will include a Q&A session, but knowing questions in advance will help us make sure that you get all the information you need.


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