“Women in Tech 2020” report by Perspektywy Women in Tech published

"Women in Tech 2020" report by Perspektywy Women in Tech published

What is the career path of women in technology? What do they aspire to, how are they promoted, what do they want to achieve? What do they expect from their employers – and what do they receive? And why do they keep hearing sexist comments – first from lecturers, later from colleagues?

On 28 May there was a presentation of the newest report by the Perspektywy Education Foundation and the Citi Foundation “Women in Tech 2020. Revolution is speeding up. It was based on the results of a survey with 1,000 respondents (500 female students specialising in technology or science, and 500 professionals from the high-tech industry).

The report was created thanks to cooperation with the Citi Foundation and Kronenberg Foundation, as part of the project for acceleration of women-run tech/science start-ups, the “Shensnovation Academy”.

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