ATIC Elects New President, Bids Farewell to Professor Vasile Baltac

Professor Vasile Baltac announced his retirement from the position of President of the Association for Information Technology and Communications in Romania (ATIC) at the organisation’s General Assembly on June 23. The office of President passes to the newly elected Mr Alin Niță, a recongised professional in the field and CEO of Five Plus Solutions.  

After the announcement, participants in the General Assembly expressed their appreciation for his three decades of leadership within the Association, and for his contributions to the development of the IT field in Romania and internationally. Dr Baltac was widely recognised during his career, serving as elected President of CEPIS, Vice Chairman of WITSA, the global alliance of professional associations in the field, and Board Member of ICDL Foundation. In accordance with ATIC’s statutes, Dr Baltac will become Honorary President of the Association and Dean of the ATIC Forum.

Dr Baltac’s successor as President, Mr Niță, has demonstrated his commitment to the digital domain and has been actively promoting its development in Romania.

ATIC, the oldest IT association in Romania, aims to promote the exchange of information, collaboration, and cooperation among its members, while honouring creativity and adherence to the law through extensive discussions for the efficient and professional use of scientific advancements.

ATIC will continue to be a driving force in the advancement of the IT industry in Romania, fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth opportunities in this vital sector of the national economy. Under the leadership of President Alin Niță, ATIC will seek to further strengthen Romania’s position as a regional IT hub and promote the advantages and opportunities offered by information and communications technologies.

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