The DiversIT Charter is our flagship initiative aimed at reducing gender disparity in IT roles. It is a certification which moves through three levels of attainment: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has a focus on attraction and retention, asking applicants to showcase their initiatives and policies for increasing gender diversity in ICT professions.

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Why more women in tech?

Technology is a growing field and advanced digital skills are at a premium. Women are less than 20% of the workers in ICT professions, and yet are consistently nearly half of the available workforce. In addition, having a diverse team increases productivity, profitability and innovation potential.

What will you gain?

Public recognition of your commitment to increase gender diversity in ICT professions; clear, continuous guidance and concrete recommendations on how to build support for women working in technology roles in your organisation, and an ever-growing international network of organisations with the same priorities!

Application deadlines are: 1 March for the spring assessment session, and 1 September for the autumn session.

Application is free for CEPIS Member Societies.

Visual: how does the Charter work? 1. Analyse your current situation, 2. match it against charter level requirements, 3. submit application, 4. get your application assessed, 5. receive your Charter level award, 6. Set goals to reach the next level, 7. become part of the DiversIT Community.


Learn more about the organisations and enterprises that have already received their certifications recognising their progress and achievement in growing gender equality in the tech professions.


The DiversIT Charter is an initiative of the CEPIS Women in ICT expert group. Coming from 8 different CEPIS Member countries, the Charter creators are a group of experienced and knowledgeable experts, thoroughly committed to promoting gender equality in ICT profession.

DiversIT Talks: Sharing best practice

One of the most important features of the DiversIT Charter project is the ability for companies and organisations to share best practice in working towards gender equality in their tech teams. Read snippets of the DiversIT team conversations with different companies about what they think and do about gender diversity by clicking on the explore button below! In addition, here you will also gain insights into what’s needed to achieve gender balance in the tech professions and learn about relevant projects and reports.


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