The DiversIT Charter is our flagship initiative aimed at reducing gender disparity in IT roles. It is a certification which moves through three levels of attainment: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has a focus on attraction and retention, asking applicants to showcase their initiatives and policies for increasing gender diversity in ICT professions.

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Why more women in tech?

Technology is a growing field and advanced digital skills are at a premium. Women are less than 20% of the workers in ICT professions, and yet are consistently nearly half of the available workforce. In addition, having a diverse team increases productivity, profitability and innovation potential.

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Your benefits

With the Charter certification, you will:

  • Show to external stakeholders that you have the right values and sensibilities
  • Demonstrate your compliance with workplace diversity standards (required in many countries for business processes such as participating in tenders or reporting to national authorities)
  • Show your organisation’s alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls”
  • Make your workplace better and more inclusive
  • Become a part of the ever-growing international DiversIT Community: share experience, learn from each other, build connections
  • Be able to showcase your organisation and best initiatives at our events and through our communications channels

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You can apply for one of three tiers of certification. Bronze is meant for organisations who are just beginning their journey towards making their tech workplace more gender-equal. Applicants for the Silver level will have already taken significant steps towards gender equality, with internal and external initiatives implemented and planned. Gold level is awarded to organisations where (gender) diversity has been among priorities for some time, and who have implemented many best practices both internally and externally. This level guide should help you determine which level to apply for.

Application deadlines

The assessment for the Charter certifications is carried out twice a year, with the certificates being awarded in May and in November. The deadline for applications is 1 March for the spring session and 1 September for the autumn session.


The pricing of the assessment depends on the level applied for (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and the size of the applicant’s organisation. The current pricing can be found in the Charter overview document.

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The DiversIT Charter is a network of diversity-conscious businesses and organisations who truly care about equality in tech. The current certified members are:

Learn more about our members

The DiversIT Charter is an initiative of the CEPIS Women in ICT expert group. Coming from different CEPIS Member countries, the Charter assessors are a group of experienced and knowledgeable experts, thoroughly committed to promoting gender equality in ICT profession. The DiversIT Charter Team adhere to this Code of Conduct during all stages of their work. Read Code of Conduct PDF in browser.

Meet the team

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Follow and engage with DiversIT Charter

We have recently launched new social media activity supporting the members and friends of DiversIT Charter. Join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter and watch these spaces for tools, resources and community insight!

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DiversIT Talks | News
Commission publishes report on inclusive gender equality in R&I

The European Commission has published a report on approaches to inclusive gender equality in research and innovation (R&I). The aim of the report is to help to create knowledge and concrete evidence-based recommendations that can feed into development of inclusive gender equality plans and policies.

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DiversIT Talks | News
Women in tech in focus at the GI Annual Conference

The 52nd Annual conference of the German Informatics Society (GI) took place from 26 until 30 September 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. The role of women in IT was a topic of several events during the conference. A workshop organized by members of GI’s special interest group “Women in Informatics” with the title “More women in IT – How do we get there?” took place on 26 September 2022, a session on “More women in informatics!”  on 28. September 2022.

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DiversIT Talks | News
Save the date: annual DiversIT conference 29 November 2022

The CEPIS DiversIT Charter team invites you to save the date for the annual conference dedicated to the topic of women in technology. This year’s event is entitled ““Can we work together?” – How can a multi-stakeholder approach help increase gender equality in tech?” and will take place online on Tuesday 29 November from 10:00 to 13:00 CET.

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