Register for the webinar on Gender equality in the IT workplace – 26 November

Join us on 26 November 2021 online from 10:00 to 12:30 CET at our event entitled “Gender equality in the IT workplace: breaking down the barriers”. The event will focus on the practical aspects of reducing the gender gap in IT professions, such as the benefits of diverse teams for businesses, improving company culture, (the importance of) unconscious bias training, and best practices in recruitment to increase the rate of female applicants for tech roles. 

Register to ‘Professionalism in cybersecurity – current practice & outlook’

ITPE will hold a webinar on ‘Professionalism in cybersecurity – current practice & outlook’ on 17 November, 10:00-12:00 CET. Carlos Esteban Budde, Assistant Professor at University of Trento and Leader for Cybersecurity Skills and Capability Building with Security Coordinator at Handelsbanken, Vili Harju will discuss the status of cybersecurity in businesses and what initiatives are being developed on a European level to promote best practice.

Opinion: Europe calls for more IT specialists, but the digital transition will need IT professionals

The CEPIS Secretary General, Jakub Christoph, has published an opinion piece on the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) platform entitled ‘Europe calls for more IT specialists, but the digital transition will need IT professionals.’ The article emphasises the importance of considering and implementing the different aspects of IT professionalism to ensure the competent and ethical behaviour of the European IT workforce.

Commission releases 2022 work programme

The European Commission has released its 2022 work programme. The programme includes the presentation of a Single Market Emergency Instrument to prevent disruption of the EU’s digital transformation as well as the adoption of a European Chips Act to promote a state-of-the-art ecosystem and develop new markets for European technology. 

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