EP releases briefing on digital in education and skills

The European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) has released a pre-legislative synthesis of the positions of national, regional and local governmental organisations on the European Commission’s forthcoming initiative, ‘Digital in Education and Skills’. It examines how existing policy is working and identifies best practice. 

Informatics Association of Türkiye receives DiversIT Charter Gold Certificate

On 24 November 2022, the Informatics Association of Türkiye (IAT) received the Gold level certificate of DiversIT Charter. The Gold level certificate recognises the recipient as being a leader in achieving gender equality in IT professions. IAT had obtained the Bronze level certificate in November 2019. Now, after 3 years, they have recertified for Gold.

ITPE holds webinar on sustainability in IT

On 5 December, ITPE held the webinar ‘The road to Smart Cities and Digital Sustainability’. Speakers included CEPIS President and associate professor at University of Alcala, Luis Fernandez-Sanz, Sofia Segkouli of the Greek Institute for Informatics and Telematics and Simon Sarfat of SoftwareONE.

CoEU adopts ‘Chips Act’

The Council of the EU has adopted its position on the proposed regulation to establish a framework of measures to strengthen Europe’s semiconductor ecosystem, commonly referred to as the ‘Chips Act’.  The Chips Act addresses the current shortage of semiconductors in Europe, and the EU will aim to double its global market share in semiconductors …

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