Digital skills

Call for research papers on human-centred digital transitions

Recent advancements in autonomous digital technologies, such as generative AI and advanced robotics, are having a significant impact on the demand for skills in the workplace. These developments can lead to skill imbalances and mismatches among workers. To address this issue, the European Centre for Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) is organising a research workshop …

Digital Jobs: a deep dive

The proliferation of digitalisation in our society has given rise to a new category of employment known as digital jobs. But what is meant by ‘digital jobs’? The CEPIS President takes an in-depth look into the whole area of digital jobs and relevant frameworks in this article.

TrainDL WebTalk “Policy Experimentation – Innovation in and for Digital Education”

Digitization is changing our societies and individual lives by the minute. Educational systems in Europe adapt in various ways and political decision-makers often need to rely on goodwill when adopting new measures for digital education. This upcoming TrainDL WebTalk will explore if and how “policy experimentation” can be an effective approach for better educational policies.

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