Informatics Education

CEPIS to take part in IT Education 2023 conference in Türkiye

The CEPIS Informatics Education (IE) expert group will hold a mini-conference within this year’s edition of The Education in the Light of Information Technologies Conference and Exhibition (BTIE’23). Organised by the Informatics Association of Türkiye (IAT), it will be held In Ankara on 6 and 7 October 2023. IAT is a member of both CEPIS and the IE expert group. 

Join the CEPIS Informatics Education expert group

The CEPIS Informatics Education expert group (formerly Computing in Schools SIN) strives for the recognition of Informatics/Computer Science as a vital subject in school curricula. It recommends that Informatics should be included in compulsory school curricula like other subjects such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and thus provide students with the skills needed to participate in today’s increasingly digital society.

CEPIS joins partners in promoting computer science education at conference in Brussels

On 20 February 2019, CEPIS joined ACM Europe and Informatics Europe (IE) in Brussels to host a gathering of stakeholders invested in the promotion of computer science across Europe. Representatives from both private and public sectors were present, including from the European Commission, to brainstorm key challenges and gather the ideas into a concrete action plan.

Informatics for All Coalition Releases New Strategy

The Association for Computing Machinery’s Europe Council (ACM) and Informatics Europe have co-developed a new strategy, titled ‘Informatics for All: The Strategy’. The strategy offers a comprehensive plan to establish informatics as a fundamental subject for students in Europe at all educational levels. The strategy was presented at a panel discussion with leading informatics educators, …


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