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CEPIS gives interview for EDSC feasibility study

On 22 March, the President of CEPIS Luis Fernandez-Sanz and Secretary General Jakub Christoph gave an in-depth interview for the European Digital Skills Certificate feasibility study. They presented the position of national informatics associations on the topic of a European-wide digital skills certificate as a recognition system for the existing certification programmes. 

CoEU adopts ‘Chips Act’

The Council of the EU has adopted its position on the proposed regulation to establish a framework of measures to strengthen Europe’s semiconductor ecosystem, commonly referred to as the ‘Chips Act’.  The Chips Act addresses the current shortage of semiconductors in Europe, and the EU will aim to double its global market share in semiconductors …

European Commission announces new GDPR certification

The European Commission has announced the launch of ‘Europrivacy’ – the first certification mechanism that demonstrates compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Europrivacy certification will specifically help data controllers and data processors certify that their processes are valid in all member states.   Find out more on the Commission’s website.  

Open letter against planned EU chat control

Legislation is being worked on that would require online service providers to automatically and indiscriminately monitor digital communications and data for potential child sexual exploitation material and automatically report suspicious users to law enforcement authorities. CEPIS proposes that, instead of relying on a technical solution that would enable surveillance on a massive scale, the European Commission should focus on measures such as prevention and victim protection.

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