In CEPIS, we strive to improve and promote a high standard among informatics professionals in recognition of the impact that informatics has on employment, business and society, to grow the pool of future IT professionals, to promote digital competence for the workforce, and to advocate for a socially responsible, secure, ethical, inclusive and environmentally friendly application of IT in Europe. To achieve this, CEPIS provides a platform for experts from Member Societies to work together on topical issues in the digital age. This section shows CEPIS expert groups’ actions and priorities in the most important aspects of the digital world.

Computing in Schools

The CEPIS Computing in School group strives for the recognition of Computer Science as a vital subject in school curricula. It recommends that Computer Science be included in school curricula like other subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, and thus provide students with the skills needed to participate in today’s increasingly digital society.

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Digital Skills Policy

The Digital Skills Policy expert group studies the rising demand of digital skills in Europe. Its main work is to define a CEPIS policy and use the opportunity to align it with the EU actions and priorities. The group focuses on analysing policy documents on Digital Skills issued by the European Commission and other relevant institutions and elaborating the CEPIS position on the full range of Digital Skills needed at various levels.

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Ethics in ICT

Adhering to professional ethical conduct is a defining aspect for any IT professional. CEPIS is committed to developing a more consistent approach to ethics in the ICT profession. The Professional Ethics expert group works on developing code of ethics for IT professionals and promoting the importance of this issue throughout Europe.

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Information Society

This expert group was established to help Member Societies stay up-to-date and work with the trending topics of ICT in the general society, such as the Digital Single Market, Industry 4.0, accessibility and inclusion, health and assisted living systems, open Data and eGovernment, impact of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things on society.

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Legal and Security Issues

This expert group comprises cybersecurity experts. The group’s activities include producing position papers on IT-related legislation and cybersecurity, formulating CEPIS position on topical issues and communicating them to relevant EU institutions, as well as raising awareness on the importance of cybersecurity among CEPIS members and the general public.

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Women in ICT

The aim of this expert group is to promote the participation and advancement of women in ICT-related careers, promote gender equality in the ICT sector, as well as encourage and stimulate the interest of young people, particularly women, to engage in ICT-related studies and subsequent careers.

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