Digital skills are one of the most topical issues in the field of ICT. A sizeable part of the European population still lacks even basic digital skills, but 90% of jobs require at least an entry-level knowledge of digital skills.  Improving this situation is an important part of CEPIS mission.
The group’s purpose is to study the rising demand of digital skills in Europe, to define a CEPIS policy and use the opportunity to align it with the EU actions and priorities.
The group focuses on analysing policy documents on Digital Skills issued by the European Commission and other relevant institutions and elaborating the CEPIS position on the full range of Digital Skills needed at various levels.

The group is always open to broadening its network. If you are a member of a CEPIS Member Society, you are welcome to join the expert group – please contact the CEPIS Secretariat to receive information on the next steps. If not, you can engage with and follow the group’s work by subscribing to our IT Professionalism Europe network (free of charge).


Features For an Ideal, Feasible System For Certification Of Digital Skills In Europe

The CEPIS Digital Skills Policy Expert Group has produced a set of recommendations on an ideal, feasible European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC). Among the recommendations are calls for: 

  • Close alignment of the EDSC with the EU’s DigComp framework
  • Modular structure for users of the EDSC 
  • Tests of practical skills in a realistic situation 
  • Automated testing 
  • Accessible testing

Statement on the European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC)

CEPIS welcomes the announcement of the Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP), which reflects the European Commission’s commitment to tackle challenges related to digital competences.

However, we would like to seek clarification about the European Digital Skills Certificate (EDSC). The DEAP does not provide details about this action. We believe a clear guidance regarding its implementation should be shared with stakeholders. We hope the following suggestions prove useful in developing such a guidance.

CEPIS believes that the European Commission should map different digital competence certification schemes and quality assurance requirements to the DigComp framework across Europe. After successful mapping, the Commission should enable them to use the label of European Digital Skills Certificate.

CEPIS Digital Skills Policy group calls on EU to act immediately to improve digital skills

The CEPIS Digital Skills Policy (DSP) working group has produced a position paper, entitled “The European Union must act immediately to improve the level of digital skills”. The paper expresses concern about the slow progress of increasing digital skills in Europe’s population, particularly for children, older people, non-IT professionals, and the workforce. To improve the situation, the paper recommends several actions:

  • Creating a Digital Skills Improvement programme at European level;
  • Allocating appropriate funding to different policy targets (workforce, students, inclusion, advanced skills);
  • Setting implementation goals in the Member States;
  • Consistently measuring the improvement progress.

This position paper presents the considered views of CEPIS Members and will be presented to different EU stakeholders in order to ensure further action on this issue.

CEPIS Comments on EU funding 2021-2027 for Digital Skills

The task force has published a paper with comments and recommendations on EU funding for digital skills in the context of the Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021-2027. CEPIS highlights the following challenges:

  • lack of cohesion in definitions of digital skills;
  • gap between theory and practice;
  • gap between perception and reality;
  • inefficiency of the public funding processes.

CEPIS recommends focusing specifically on projects aimed at empowering teachers and training the trainers, establishing standards and certification recognised world-wide, and allocating appropriate funding to different policy targets in a more concise, result-based fashion.

ICDL Digital Skills Certification programme

In 1995, CEPIS created the ICDL digital skills certification programme, then called the European Computer Driving License, or ECDL. Since then, CEPIS has been working hand in hand with ICDL Foundation to advocate for upskilling and certifying digital skills of the workforce in Europe.


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