This expert group was established in 2018 to help Member Societies stay up-to-date and work with the trending topics of ICT in the general society, such as the Digital Single Market, Industry 4.0, accessibility and inclusion, health and assisted living systems, open Data and eGovernment, impact of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things on society.

The group is always open to broadening its network. If you are a member of a CEPIS Member Society, you are welcome to join the expert group – please contact the CEPIS Secretariat to receive information on the next steps. If not, you can engage with and follow the group’s work by subscribing to our IT Professionalism Europe network (free of charge).


CEPIS response to the “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – a European Approach”

In response to European Commission’s public consultation on the White Paper on AI, the Information Society group has produced a series of comments. CEPIS supports the actions and opinions outlined in the White Paper, while emphasising a strong need for the increase of the level of digital skills, the need to have strict regulatory frameworks for AI technologies, and the importance of pooling resources and expertise to ensure that Europe becomes a world leader in the field.

Survey on perception of Artificial Intelligence

The Information Society group is currently carrying out a Europe-wide survey on the perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by IT professionals. It is based on common and usual assertions on AI, which have been taken from various articles on the topic.

The survey results will feed into a report, to be published by the end of 2020.


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