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Opinion: Europe calls for more IT specialists, but the digital transition will need IT professionals

The CEPIS Secretary General, Jakub Christoph, has published an opinion piece on the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) platform entitled ‘Europe calls for more IT specialists, but the digital transition will need IT professionals.’ The article emphasises the importance of considering and implementing the different aspects of IT professionalism to ensure the competent and ethical behaviour of the European IT workforce.

ITPE & ICS release a policy paper on IT professionalism

ITPE and the Irish Computer Society (ICS) have co-authored a policy paper entitled ‘IT Professionalism – Build the best workforce to deliver Europe’s transition’. It explains the key terminology around IT professionalism, outlines the importance of developing professional practices and professional standards by the IT workforce and calls different stakeholders to engage in these activities.

Outcomes of IT Professionalism Online Conference 12 October

On 12 October, the IT Professionalism Online Conference was co-hosted online by ITPE, eSkills Malta Foundation and the Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The event focused on how organisations can tackle the challenges related to the growing digital skills gap, while contributing to European industry’s recovery following the COVID19 pandemic.

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