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Informatics Association of Türkiye receives DiversIT Charter Gold Certificate

On 24 November 2022, the Informatics Association of Türkiye (IAT) received the Gold level certificate of DiversIT Charter. The Gold level certificate recognises the recipient as being a leader in achieving gender equality in IT professions. IAT had obtained the Bronze level certificate in November 2019. Now, after 3 years, they have recertified for Gold.

Women in tech in focus at the GI Annual Conference

The 52nd Annual conference of the German Informatics Society (GI) took place from 26 until 30 September 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. The role of women in IT was a topic of several events during the conference. A workshop organized by members of GI’s special interest group “Women in Informatics” with the title “More women in IT – How do we get there?” took place on 26 September 2022, a session on “More women in informatics!”  on 28. September 2022.

PeopleCert Group receives DiversIT Charter Gold Certificate

PeopleCert Group has received the Gold level certificate of the DiversIT Charter. PeopleCert is a Greece-based global enterprise of assessment and certification of professional and language skills. PeopleCert also leads, participates in and funds numerous initiatives, both internal and external, that focus on empowering women, particularly in relation to digital skills.

ITPE holds Women in tech-webinar

On 23 June, ITPE and ALL DIGITAL co-organised the webinar ‘Women in tech – what role should companies play?’. The webinar presented ideas and initiatives that inspire and promote more gender equality in the ICT field.

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