Engage in CEPIS campaign for secure communications

Upon initiative of the CEPIS Legal and Security Issues (LSI) expert group, CEPIS recently began a campaign against plans to monitor all communications content in order to facilitate the investigation of crime that the European Commission has been considering.  

Register for the Annual Privacy Forum 2022

Registrations for the Annual Privacy Forum (APF) 2022 is open. As every year, CEPIS is partnering with the APF. Topics will focus on the emerging regulations under the European Data Strategy, rights of citizens and the role technologies.  

Register to ‘Professionalism in cybersecurity – current practice & outlook’

ITPE will hold a webinar on ‘Professionalism in cybersecurity – current practice & outlook’ on 17 November, 10:00-12:00 CET. Carlos Esteban Budde, Assistant Professor at University of Trento and Leader for Cybersecurity Skills and Capability Building with Security Coordinator at Handelsbanken, Vili Harju will discuss the status of cybersecurity in businesses and what initiatives are being developed on a European level to promote best practice.

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