Artificial Intelligence

AI Regulations Developing Around the World 

AI is in the sights of regulators around the world, with major and diverse new legislation on AI rules being brought forward in the EU, USA, and China, amongst others. Individual countries have also brought in regulation of specific AI tools in response to the recent rapid development of Large Language Models.

EU project for AI uptake towards 2030

The Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA) aims to support a better understanding and uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in business and policy contexts in Europe. The project is supported by 16 full partner organisations as well as four associated partners, including ITPE, and will continue until 2025 and beyond.

Report on National Strategies on AI

A new report from the European Commission, titled “National Strategies on Artificial Intelligence: A European Perspective”, was presented during a joint webinar with the OECD that took place on 25 June. It assesses the national strategies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) of all EU countries, as well as Norway and Switzerland. It highlights progress in AI developments and proposes additional measures that an EU Members State can take.

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