PeopleCert Group receives DiversIT Charter Gold Certificate

This year  PeopleCert Group received the Gold level certificate of the European Digital Women Diversity (DiversIT) Charter. The Gold level certificate recognises the recipient as being a leader in achieving gender equality in IT professions.

Byron Nicolaides, CEPIS President and Founder & Group CEO at Peoplecert, said: “At PeopleCert, we have always promoted gender equality and are proud of the fact that our team represents a balanced and diverse workforce. As women are still underrepresented in the tech industry on a global level, we have made it an important part of our mission to change this by encouraging more female students and professionals to grow and develop their careers and opportunities through key technological and digital skills. In particular, we help women fulfil their potential in the ICT sector by focusing on key areas such as reskilling-upskilling, recruiting, and developing various mentoring and professional programmes. We are very proud to have earned the Gold Certification of the DiversIT Charter in 2022 as a result of such initiatives, demonstrating our strong commitment to inspiring more women to embrace technology and promoting diversity in the ICT sector.

PeopleCert is a Greece-based global enterprise of assessment and certification of professional and language skills. PeopleCert also leads, participates in and funds numerous initiatives, both internal and external, that focus on empowering women, particularly in relation to digital skills. These activities include “Active Women”, a project where women over 50 years old, immigrants and refugees received training and certification of digital skills, and “WomenDo”, an initiative aiming to empower women to overcome gender bias through various events, showcasing role models, mentorship and awareness-raising. Internally, PeopleCert adheres to many best practices for gender equality in the workplace, such as anonymised hiring software to prevent bias, regular training, internal education and mentorship programmes, pay gap monitoring, code of conduct and many others. PeopleCert also boasts very good employee gender statistics, with 48% of middle management, 57% of upper management and 33% of top management being women.

Petra Kotuliakova, CEO of the NGO “Ay ty v IT” and the leader of the application assessment team, said: “The assessment panel was extremely impressed with the number and scope of diversity and gender equality initiatives that PeopleCert is implementing, especially their focus on up- and reskilling female employees, support and advance their careers, and implement policies that help not only attract, but also retain women in tech positions. PeopleCert is without a doubt a great example for all companies, and we are sure that their work will continue to be rewarding both for the company and its employees.”


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