Advocating for IT professionalism – the maturing of the ICT profession – has always been one of CEPIS’s top priorities. To take its commitment to the next level, CEPIS, together with ICDL Foundation, launched a flagship initiative – IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE).

ITPE, now a not-for-profit organisation in its own right, is a network of stakeholders committed to the advancement of IT professionalism. The network includes public and private sector experts from critical IT domains, including policy, standards, HR and IT management, as well as education, training and other service providers that support IT professionalism. It works closely with key public actors, from the European Commission, the European Parliament, CEN and National Standards Bodies, and Member States.

ITPE has set up expert groups on Digital Competence and Professional Ethics, each held twice a year, which provides regular networking opportunities and possibilities to exchange best practice for our members. It curates and updates a repository of content related to IT professionalism, send monthly news updates and proactively advocate for the promotion of IT professionalism.


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