Achieving a balanced supply of skills key challenge for the EU, conclude ministers

Ensuring a balanced movement of highly qualified people is a challenge for the whole European Union. This was the conclusion at a meeting between education ministers of the European Union, which took place on 20 February.

“The current opportunities for learning and labour mobility in the European Union are very good and contribute to the development of different competences and skills. On the other hand, it has created a situation where highly skilled labour tends to move to certain areas,” stated Mailis Reps, the Estonian Minister of Education and Research.

As shown by recent figures released by the OECD, Germany is the only European country with AI skills penetration above the C20 average. 13 EU countries, including Austria, Portugal and Estonia, all lie more than 50% below the C20 average. 

Read the full article on the education ministers’ meeting on The Baltic Times’ website, and find more information about the results on AI skills on the OECD website.


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