Clear data ethics needed in Common European Data Spaces

A report sums up the conclusions from a range of workshops held between DG Connect and relevant experts on the development of Common European Data Spaces to ensure mutual data access among sectors. The key takeaways highlight the importance of ethical dimensions.

Data ethics were specifically mentioned in most of the workshops as an area where clarity is much needed. User, or data-subject, empowerment is generally missing, especially in sectors where sensitive and/or personal data are at stake (e.g. health, transport, energy, agriculture).

The series of 10 workshops, held between July and November 2019, brought together more than 300 stakeholders, mainly from the private and the public sectors, and covered different sectors: agriculture, health, finance/banking, energy, transport, sustainability/environment, public services, smart manufacturing and crosscutting aspects such as data ethics and data market places. Read the full summary on the Commission’s website.


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