Von Neumann Memorial Room Reopened After Renovation

Last year’s von Neumann 120 Memorial Year saw the temporary closure of the von Neumann Memorial Room in Szeged’s informatics history exhibition. With the conclusion of the Memorial Year, the room has been refurbished and its objects, previously part of traveling exhibits, have returned. The newly inaugurated room, now featuring tableaux of Neumann’s life and achievements, was unveiled during an Open Day for supporters and the public. Display cases house Neumann’s original items and “noble copies” of documents donated by his daughter, Marina von Neumann Whitman. 

The collection has expanded with fine and computer art acquisitions, thanks to the commemorative year. Additionally, Neumann’s alma mater, Fasori Gymnasium, donated a bust to the museum. 

A new commemorative display honours Gábor Rényi, founder of Novotrade and a key figure in Hungarian computing, who recently passed away. His family, friends, and colleagues attended the heartfelt ceremony. 

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