EU AI Act Moves Closer to Adoption 

The EU’s new AI Act has been approved by EU Member States, clearing the way for its final vote in the European Parliament and eventual adoption over the coming years. The Act has been the subject of intense lobbying and debate, representing a distinct approach to regulating artificial intelligence. 

When finally adopted, the AI Act will be implemented in stages, with some provisions concerning banned uses of AI coming into force 6 months after adoption, other provisions on foundation models applying 1 year after adoption, and the remainder of the rules coming into force 2 years after adoption. 

The AI Act adopts a risk-based approach to regulating AI, with stricter regulation applying to higher risk applications. The highest-risk categories of AI will even face prohibition under the new rules. Likewise, lower-risk applications will be subject to less regulation. 

To find out more about the AI Act, please visit the European Commission’s website


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