Micro-behaviours and how to counter them – 9 March

event banner: micro-behaviours which drive the impostor syndrome and how to counter them. Gillian Arnold, 9th March 2022, 10:30 - 11:30 CET, Zoom

On 9 March Gillian Arnold, the leader of the DiversIT Charter initiative, gave a talk on micro-behaviours which drive the Impostor Syndrome and how to counter them. This was the first in a series of short practical webinars on specific issues that affect the number of women in tech jobs, which the DiversIT Charter team will be organising this year.

“Micro-behaviours” is a term coined in the early 70s by Mary Rowe from MIT.  They are the tiny little acts of discrimination from others which daily chip away at our self-belief.  Micro-behaviours are in the centre of public attention at the moment, and this talk will look at how they are formed, and whether they are intentional or not.  The session will also look at what you can do to counter the effect of micro-inequities to ensure that you hold on to your self-belief, and will also consider how they affect culture in the workplace.


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