Report on urgent need of digital competencies released in Germany

The German Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures (RfII) has released the report ‘DIGITAL COMPETENCIES URGENTLY NEEDED! – Recommendations on career and training prospects for the scientific labour market’.

The report investigates how scientific research institutions, their funders and supporters, as well as currently employed staff can counteract the shortage of qualified personnel resulting from digital transformation. The effects of changing needs in terms of skills, collaborative structures, and the division of labour, on publicly funded science in Germany are also assessed.

Recommendations include qualifying staff in response to demand through training programmes, closer interaction between infrastructure and research staff, as well as teaching ‘digital’ not only as a technical subject, but ‘comprehensively’, i.e. including basic knowledge on topics such as ethics and of the relevant legal systems.

You may find the full report (in English) on RfII’s website.


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