CEPIS Joins Digital4Sustainability as Associated Partner

On March 6, DIGITAL SME launched Digital4Sustainability, an EU co-funded 4 million EUR industry-driven project to boost Europe’s skills for the green & digital transition. Coordinated by DIGITAL SME, the project brings together 29 members of the Digital Large-Scale Partnership under the Pact for Skills from 13 EU countries. CEPIS has joined this consortium as an Associate Partner, bringing our expertise and network to increase the project’s impact in Europe. 
Digital4Sustainability will skill up the European workforce by training more than 1000 new ICT & Sustainability professionals.  

The participation of DIGITAL SME’s members Cluj IT, CEFRIEL, BASSCOM, and Skillnet Ireland will guarantee that the project’s trainings match the needs of ICT SMEs in Europe. 

The race to achieve climate neutrality will reshape the European economy and labour market, from redefining business models to shifting skill requirements across sectors. To lead this race and ensure the competitiveness of its companies, Europe needs a skilled workforce that can support the development and implementation of net-zero technologies, maximising the synergies within the green and digital transition.  

Acknowledging the combined role of innovation and sustainability in achieving climate neutrality, members of the Digital Large-Scale Partnership under the Pact for Skills have joined forces for the Digital4Sustainability project. Coordinated by DIGITAL SME and funded by the Erasmus+ programme under the Alliances for Innovation call, the initiative focuses on re-skilling and up-skilling the European workforce for a sustainable digital economy and society.   

Addressing real market needs and targeting SMEs 

In line with DIGITAL SME’s vision, Digital4Sustainability adopts a market-driven and industry-led approach to ensure the relevance and applicability of skills acquired by the European workforce. With the support of 29 partners from ICT associations, clusters, chambers of commerce, universities, Vocational Educational Training providers and sustainability experts, the project will align educational programs with current and future labour market needs. 

Recognising the pivotal role of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as contributors to innovation and sustainability, Digital4Sustainability will empower them through on-the-job trainings tailored to their specific needs. The project will position SMEs at the forefront of sustainable digital innovation by enhancing their ability to develop sustainable technologies and embrace ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. 

Launch event in Brussels – skills for the green and digital transition 

On 6 March, the project’s launch event featured a panel discussion to explore the implications of the green and digital transition on the labour market. Experts in skills analysis, digitalisation of industry and sustainability from the OECD and the European Commission discussed emerging green and digital jobs and their corresponding skills sets. 

Watch the recording for the insights of the discussion here

For further information on the project, please contact Deborah Goll, DIGITAL SME Senior Project Manager and coordinator of the Digital4Sustainability project, at d.goll@digitalsme.eu


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